CIPP Lining

We Design and Install Custom CIPP Lining Solutions

Our innovative approach to Cured-In-Place Pipe Lining (CIPP) ensures a long-term, structural pipe inside the existing host pipe without digging or destruction to buildings or landscape. When complete, the rehabilitated pipe is once again fully functional, with an increased flow rate, and leak-free joints. Why dig, when you can add an additional 25-50 years of design-life to your existing sewer lines?

With recent advancements in resin, liner, and installation technology, the CIPP method is commonly used to rehabilitate pipe in diameters ranging from 4″-120″; using steam, ambient, and UV curing processes.

Armed with an experienced crew and the latest equipment, Vortex Services will inspect, assess, design then install a CIPP solution to meet your specific pipe performance demands.

Depending on your location and job specifications, we offer several different CIPP lining solutions:
Traditional CIPP Lining: This process involves the use of  steam to cure the liner, and is commonly used for sanitary and storm sewer rehabilitation of pipes ranging from 4” to 120”.
Vertical Pipe (In-Wall) CIPP Lining: Typically found in commercial buildings, multi-story apartments and office buildings, we are capable of rehabilitating pipes from 4”-8”.
UV CIPP Lining: A popular choice in colder weather environments and environmentally sensitive areas, UV CIPP is a proven alternative and is best suited for pipes ranging from 6”-63”.
Lateral CIPP Lining: We are capable or relining the “house-to-sewer” line by using proven lining and resin materials designed for these applications. Diameters are typically 4″-10”.

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CIPP Lining Equipment
CIPP Equipment
CIPP Equipment

Quad-Cure® CIPP pipe lining trailers are custom built to customer specifications. From the chassis selection, wet-out area and tools storage, our trailers are designed with installation quality and efficiency in mind.

CIPP Resins
CIPP Resins

Our Quadex division formulates and manufactures a full line of Quad-Cure Resins that when paired with our liners deliver optimum results. We manufacture standard resins, accelerated cure resins, latent cure resins and UV resins to fit your CIPP pipe lining performance demands.

CIPP Liners
CIPP Liners
CIPP Liners

Quadex® has developed a family of CIPP liners for a broad range of applications. Our liners are designed to work best with our high-performance Quad-Cure resins. This allows you to tailor a CIPP lining system to the conditions and performance demands dictated by your sewer line.

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