LED CIPP Curing System for Small Diameter Pipe

LED and UV CIPP curing systems are excellent for lining laterals and pipes in extreme weather conditions (hot/cold) and in environmentally sensitive areas. The MICROcure LED CIPP curing system is designed specifically for small diameter pipes, such as house-to-main laterals , from 3”-10” in diameter.

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Through our strategic selling partner, Source One Environmental (S1E), we are fully staffed to support your equipment, liner, resin and accessory needs:

  • 3”-10” LED curing system (computer, camera, control unit)
  • Light sources
  • Supply hose
  • Inversion drums
  • Sluices
  • Quad-Cure® UV Resins
  • Quad-Cure® Liners

Small Diameter CIPP Curing System


Small Diameter CIPP Curing System

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