Why Dig?® Rehabilitate water and sewer infrastructure with trenchless technology!

Vortex Companies is expanding internationally, and now offers trenchless infrastructure rehabilitation products and services in the following locations.

Vortex Europe

Vortex Europe

Vortex Europe GmbH
Unterwangerstr. 3
87439 Kempten
Office: 089 23708298
Email: europe@vortexcompanies.comVortex Europe GmbH brings the best in infrastructure rehabilitation materials with supporting technology and equipment under one portfolio, allowing you the ability to choose the right solution for your project. Vortex also has a team of rehabilitation experts to partner with you to ensure your project’s success.

Throughout Europe and the Middle East, from our headquarters in Munich, Germany, Vortex offers the following capabilities:

• Pipe, Tunnel, and Manhole Lining Options – geopolymers, hybrid cements, epoxies & polymerics, polyurethane grouts.

• Advanced Sewer Equipment & Technologies – robotic systems and trailers, manhole and pipe repair rigs, CIPP curing monitoring systems, and high-speed drain tools.

• Rehab Experts & Supporting Services – Vortex retains industry experts and project managers to guide you through the rehabilitation process from concept through installation. Our team will ensure your specific project is approached with customization and care.

Vortex, the only provider of a total solutions portfolio – Lining & Coating options, pipe evaluation and installation equipment and technologies, rehab experts to design your project, and supporting services for accurate and successful installations. We will never leave you without considering your entire project’s success.

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There is no single, or simple, cure-all to solving aging and failing infrastructure. That’s why we develop custom solutions tailored to your project.

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