AccuPower™ High-Pressure Water Blaster

The Vortex® AccuPower™ Ultra High-Pressure Water Blaster is the newest add-on to its Schwalm Robot offering and is currently compatible with the Schwalm 2060 model. This new system allows operators to clearly remove the harshest debris from aging infrastructure.

AccuPower™ High-Pressure Water Blaster



Convert your Schwalm Robot into an ultra-high pressure 40K PSI water blaster in a matter of minutes!

Vortex Accupower™ was specifically engineered as a conversion kit, and not an adaptor, to optimize the full power and control of the Schwalm 2060. AccuPower’s hydraulic arm, swivel, and lance attachments become part of the robot’s operating system for a more powerful, durable and stable water blasting experience. Get more out of your Schwalm!

What You Can Expect From AccuPower:

Quickly remove failed CIPP liners without damaging the host pipe

Cut through concrete, wood, and other major obstructions

Descale and cleaning with more precision and speed

Maximize the use of Schwalm and crew