Prestige 300

The Prestige 300 is a self-contained mixing, pumping and spraying machine. The heart of the 300 is a Yanmar/Lombardini 3-cylinder industrial duty diesel motor. This power plant is indestructible! The diesel motor powers an all-hydraulic drive system, which also includes its own intercooler to keep the hydraulic fluid nice and cool. The combination of a powerful motor and a well-designed hydraulic system means that the Prestige 300 can mix, pump and spray all at the same time.

The hydroelectric controls are linked together by an onboard computer, which greatly simplifies operating the pump, and also provides an LED diagnostic read-out panel to assist with any maintenance issues.

Ready to go when you uncrate the unit comes complete with a 66 ft. length of hose and a gun kit so you can start working immediately.

The Prestige 300 comes complete with a wired remote so that control from the end of the hose back to the pump is quick and easy.

The Prestige 300 features to torsion bar suspension which has both compression and rebound dampening, allowing the unit to glide down the road. The tow package of the prestige 300 is as complete and well designed as the rest of the machine. The tow bar pivots in order to line up properly with the hitch point, whether it’s being towed by an SUV or a dump truck. When towing, the stabilization stand cranks up out of the way. When you arrive at the job site, lower the jack stand and you have a safe and stable work platform. A spare tire is included.

Prestige 300